Heart Rate Hill


HEART RATE HILL (Lyrics R. Gerritzen)

Listen to the sound, of this cruel world
And it’s wonders
It might hard to see for luck to change
You need to wonder
Why all the powers in the world
Can take you by the throat

Armed with fear
No one seems to care up there
But in despair
All left in confusion
Now it’s your turn

Wrapped in lies
Rumble in deceit
Actors play their role
Stumble in obsessions
Now it’s your turn
Climbing up that
…Heart Rate Hill

Dreamer dreamer wake unto me
The day is done and
Darkness comes your way
I guess you just reached
The end of your dreams right now

I was lost, saw the waste
I got carried on
And into your head
But you came running
With the sound of the new world
And we will, yeah we will,
Will be back at your door
With true love in our hearts
And it feels like it should
It’s no wonder…uuhh

Dreamer dreamer wake unto me
On Heart Rate Hill